• Strategic advice on issues arising from the work of the UN and other international organizations
  • Interpretation of the UN Charter as well as UN Security Council (UNSC) and other UN resolutions
  • Review and assess policies and performance to uphold principles and fulfill rights and obligations
  • Support to ensure compliance with UNSC resolutions, including Chapter VII sanctions  regimes and due diligence requirements 
  • Assistance in preparing national reports, including for the universal periodic review, required by UN and other resolutions 
  • Promote the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and related efforts including to promote nuclear security and  to combat  nuclear terrorism 



  • Designing strategies to assist Governments and IGOs to protect and advance strategic  interests 
  • Recommend measures to comply with UN Security Council and other UN resolutions, including implementation reports and universal periodic reviews
  • Prepare studies to address developments or challenges arising from the work of the UN or other intergovernmental organizations and international courts
  • Prepare communication strategies or speeches to protect rights,fulfill obligations and advance interests
  • Assist in the negotiation and implementation of agreements and arrangements to protect status and rights as well as relevant privileges and immunities



  • Briefings for UN system managers and staff on integrity, impartiality independence and accountability.
  • Briefings and simulated negotiation exercises for diplomats entering multilateral fora under UN or IAEA auspices
  • Briefings and training for elected members of the UN Security Council on their responsibilities under the UN Charter, the ICJ Statute and the ICC Statute
  • Briefings and training for elected members of the IAEA Board of Governors on their role under the IAEA Statute and UN Agreements
  • Briefings and scenario-based training to promote UN peacekeeping and  the protection of civilians mandate
  • Lectures and other events on promoting the rule of law