• Legal advice on any issue arising under public international law
  • Legal opinions on the interpretation of the UN Charter as well as UN Security Council (UNSC) and UN General Assembly resolutions
  • Legal assessment of rights and obligations under customary international and treaty law
  • Legal obligations and due diligence requirements under the UNSC sanctions regimes
  • Legal assistance in preparing national reports or implementing legislation required by UNSC resolutions or international treaties


  • Preparing draft legal analysis to assist Governments and intergovernmental organizations address legal challenges and seize legal opportunities 
  • Prepare reports to address legal developments in the UN and other intergovernmental organizations and international courts
  • Prepare legal texts or speeches to advance legal rights and interests
  • Assist in the negotiation of arrangements and agreements to protect legal status and rights including privileges and immunities 


  • Provide briefings and simulated negotiation exercises for diplomats entering multilateral fora
  • Provide advanced legal training to elected UNSC Members on  their roles and responsibilities  under the UN Charter
  • Provide legal training to military contingents deploying as UN peacekeepers 
  • Conduct table-top exercises to promote protection of civilians
  • Provide briefings on the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and the broader efforts to combat terrorism including nuclear terrorism